It's critical you learn how to think critically

Critical Thinking is a basic life skillThe  Humanist approach to learning is to be flexible, rational, compassionate and responsible. Our goal is to be the best most ethical people we can be but humble enough to understand that regardless of how good we may be, we can always improve.

These programs will help you learn how to think better and solve your problems more effectively through the practice of critical thinking and freethought. .

An introduction to Humanism course logoThis is a 45 minute video course that covers
  • Definition of Humanism
  • History of Humanism
  • Humanism’s relationship to religion
  • Central Values of Humanism
  • Famous Humanists
  • And Frequently Asked Questions about Humanism

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The thinker - Introduction to Reason course graphicThis free program is offered by Fourth R Practical Philosophy as a way to introduce students to the basics of good reasoning. 
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Take Charge of Your Life
This 1-hour presentation delves into the science of how our brains work and misfire so that we can be more intentional in how we make decisions so that we can make more effective decisions. Taught by Gleb Tsipursky, PhD of Intentional Insights

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ClearerThinking.orgA talk by Spencer Greenberg of, discussing how gaining a better understanding of your own mind can lead to better decisions. Spencer also discusses cognitive biases and heuristics that, while very useful, can lead to irrationality. (Approx. 25 minutes long)

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Group leadership lessons logoThis program for Humanist & Secular community group leaders includes videos and handouts that cover everything from volunteer management and fundraising to tabling, public speaking and more.

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Humanism is a choice - man pushing a buttonHumanists are pro-democracy. We believe democracy is the best form of government and that we have a moral responsibility to be active participants in our democracy. This program is an introductory program on Humanism and democracy in America. It is designed help you understand where the levers of power in our democracy are so you can participate effectively.

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