Personal Development and Life Skills

Humanist Life SkillsThe various skills and techniques of Humanism when applied to everyday problem solving create an incredibly powerful and holistic approach to life. Most life coaches and motivational speakers teach some aspect of the philosophy. The problem is that they leave out key elements that make the approach actually work. These courses will help you better understand how the various aspects of what you have already been taught work together as an integrated whole  While the shift in your thinking will be subtle the implications for how you live your life and relate to other people will be dramatic.

7 word that can change the world graphic adIn these three videos, author Joe Simonetta gives a three-part talk, “Astonish the World, Tell the Simple Truth.” The talk is based on his highly acclaimed book, Seven Words That Can Change the World. This presentation has been described by one attendee as the clearest presentation of realty that he had ever heard. 

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Finding Meaning in Life with Derek GraphicLet's just figure out the meaning of life, once and for all, in under 20 minutes, OK? 

This is a short 20 minute program by Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby. 
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Find your purpose in life - using science - with Gleb TipurskyRecent research in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and other disciplines has explored how we find meaning and purpose in life, with or without religion. This course combines academic research and stories from people’s everyday lives with exercises to help you discover your own sense of life purpose and meaning.  

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The Science of Change courseThis course explores the science of how behaviors are changed and how we can use that to help the people we mentor and coach to actually change their behavior so they can succeed in whatever it is they want to do.
Course logo - planning for personal successThis 1 hour 45 minute video course discusses how Humanists approach the important business of living a life that is fully realized and understanding what success really means. Learn how to stay focused and not give up when you hit a roadblock on your road to success!
Managing Anger in Yourself and OthersThis is a short video course consisting of 12 video discussions with Dr. Leon Seltzer. Covering what anger is, why we have it, how to calm yourself and how to constructively deal with the anger of others. Total viewing time ~47 minutes.

Dr. Seltzer holds doctorates in both English and Psychology. With clinical specialties in anger, trauma resolution (EMDR), couples conflict, compulsive/addictive behaviors, and depression, he has also taught some 200 adult education workshops on these subjects. In addition, he has served as consultant to both corporations and publishers.